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12 Amazing Amphibians

12 Awesome Pet Amphibians

Modern day amphibians and reptiles evolved from a common ‘amphibian’ ancestor a few hundred million years ago (as did we). If it wasn’t for the evolution of amphibians, life on land would be very different today. Luckily, they did, meaning we’re here and we’re keeping some amazing amphibians as pets. Here are 12 crackers below… […]

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Skillwise Apprentice

Apprentice Position Available at Northampton Reptile Centre

Are you looking for a career in Social Media, Marketing or Business but don’t want to go to College or University? Then this could be for you… With the Skillwise Apprenticeship Programme you’ll become one of the UK’s first; Social Media / Mini Marketer / Business Admin Apprentices all wrapped into one! This modern apprenticeship is changing the […]

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Exo Terra Terrariums

Exo Terra Terrarium Features and Benefits

When housing tropical reptiles, amphibians and mountainous species Exo Terra glass terrariums have a few advantages over their wooden vivariums. They are well suited to these animals as they diffuse heat at a greater rate than wooden enclosures and can be exposed to higher humidity levels than wooden vivariums. Here at the Northampton Reptile Centre we use them […]

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Leopard geckos need uvb

Leopard Geckos Do Need UVB!

There has been a lot of debate over the last couple of years on the importance of UV lighting in leopard geckos environments. Some are kept without a UV source and survive without any obvious issues, however there are cases of leopard geckos suffering with clear health issues as a direct result of a lack of UVB. We […]

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How to Set Up a Bioactive Royal Python Vivarium

The term bioactive is one that has been thrown around a lot amongst the reptile groups and forums over the past few years, even though it’s methods have been around for much longer (many of the various frog keepers can tell you this!). In a nut-shell, using a suitably sized vivarium for your Royal, you create […]

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how to install white python LEDs

How to Install White Python LED Lights

One of the easiest and most energy efficient way to light an enclosure is to use LED strips. The White Python LED strips are incredibly easy to install and look great! We use them in many of our vivariums, particularly when we require additional light with adding extra heat. The modular system allows you to extend or […]

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yemen set up 1

Setting Up a Yemen (Veiled) Chameleon Vivarium

Yemen Chameleons (Chamealeo calyptratus) make great pets! Their needs are simple, their diet is basic and they can be handled fairly easily. The only thing you really need to worry about with this animal is getting the set up right first time. With the correct set up you can ensure that the animal is getting […]

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