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Quiz: The Largest Reptiles & Exotics in the World!

There are some real heavy weights in the reptile world, but can you identify which ones are the largest? Take our small quiz below and test your knowledge! If you enjoyed our reptile quiz, make sure you like our Facebook page so you don’t miss our next one! Let us know in the comments how many […]

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The Top 5 Bioactive Clean Up Crew

In recent years bioactive reptile and amphibian set ups have become a great way to keep your exotic pets. The recent introduction of new bioactive substrates like ProRep’s Bio Life range and Arcadia’s Earth Mix have made it easy to set up your own self-sustaining enclosure at home. A key part of this system is […]

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Arcadia EarthPro

Arcadia EarthPro Calcium & Vitamins Consumer Review

This is the second part of the ‘Arcadia EarthPro‘ supplement range review which includes Arcadia EarthPro-Ca and Arcadia EarthPro-A (previous review was for Arcadia Insectfuel). Having now used the above for a good couple of months, here are my thoughts. Arcadia EarthPro-Ca (Calcium) We all know how vital the role of calcium is for our […]

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Spiny crevice

The Fascinating Crevice Spiny Lizard

The spiny crevice lizard (Sceloporus poinsettii) is a small terrestrial lizard from the Chihuahuan desert in the USA. They can be found from southern New Mexico to central Texas all the way down to Zacatecas in Mexico. They are mainly found in semi-arid regions near limestone structures. If approached they will scuttle up rock faces […]

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crested gecko f10

Why All Reptiles Keepers Should Use F10 Disinfectant

Northampton Reptile Centre has been using F10 products to safe guard our animals for years. The F10 product range is used in many of the world’s leading veterinary hospitals and is widely recognised as being the most effective means to keep you, and the animals in your care, safe from disease. Generally the products are […]

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Williams Dwarf Gecko

William’s Dwarf Gecko – The Electric Blue Day Gecko

William’s dwarf gecko (Lygodactylus williamsi), A.K.A. the ‘electric blue day gecko’ or ‘turquoise dwarf gecko’, is a little gem of a lizard that is fascinating to watch and averages just 3 inches in length! So, it’s ideal for hobbyists who haven’t got the space for a large enclosure at home. In the wild their whereabouts is confined to […]

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Earthpro Insectfuel

Arcadia EarthPro InsectFuel Review

I was excited when I first heard about the new Arcadia EarthPro supplement range. We all know their work with reptile lighting is amazing, so to see them branch out into the supplement side of the hobby should mean simple, yet good things, for us reptile keepers. The Arcadia EarthPro supplement range comprises of EarthPro InsectFuel insect […]

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Tokay Gecko

The Fabulous Tokay Gecko

With its striking colouration and vocal nature the Tokay gecko (Gekko gecko) is certainly a character that would be a great addition to any reptile collection. While some parts of the world believe them to be a bringer of luck, good fortune and fertility, keepers of this spectacular reptile would describe them as a gecko […]

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Arcadia EarthPro

Check Out the New Arcadia EarthPro Supplement Range!

Arcadia have released a brand new range of Supplements and Insect food this week. This has been a very long process of research and testing for them as their product manager John Courtney-Smith has had huge concerns over the practice of ad hock supplementing with fat soluble vitamins as there seems to be no really accurate dose or […]

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exo terra glass cleaner

The Safe, Easy Way to Clean Terrarium Glass

We know how difficult it is to remove watermarks from glass. We’ve spent many hours scrubbing our shop terrariums with R.O. water, tissues, newspaper, squeegees and even Coca Cola! The stubborn, chalky residue is usually caused by minerals in our tap water. When we spray the terrariums with tap water, pure water evaporates and leaves […]

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