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New Arrivals This Week!

Tuesdays are our favourite day of the week. Why? Because every Tuesday we get new animals come into our shop. It doesn’t matter if they’re reptile, amphibian or spider it’s always exciting.
So who was new in this week?


Whites Tree Frogs are one of the largest tree frogs around. They are relatively easy to care for providing all of their environmental requirements are met. We have 4 new babies in and they are absolutely adorable.


Orange Phillipine Tarantulas are a stunningly beautiful spider. Their bright orange legs and body really makes them stand out. Be careful though, not all that glitters is gold, these are fearless aggressive spiders and are definately not to be handled.


Peninsular Cooters are a species of Terrapin. They might look cute at the moment but our 4 babies will all grow into large adults. They are not difficult to look after but they deserve to be kept where they will have plenty of room.


The Western Hognose Snake is the only venemous snake that we have in our shop. However, as they are rear fanged it’s very unlikely that you would ever get bitten. They can be quite fiesty but it always seems to be a bluff. As adults they are a relatively short, fat snake.


Corn Snakes are the easiest snake for anybody to keep. The Carolina Corn Snake is a varient of the common pattern but with lighter patches on it’s body. Our 2 babies really are lovely looking. An excellent first time pet.


The Chile Rose Tarantula is the most commonly kept tarantula in the world. Compared to other spiders it’s relativle peaceful and looks like an 8 legged teddy bear. We already had lots of spiderlings but these 2 adults will no doubt not be here very long.

Yellow_Black_Tree_FrogOur 2 new Yellow and Black Poison Arrow Frogs are absolutely beautiful. In the wild they become poisonous by eating fire ants. As all our animals are captive bred these guys eat crickets and are not toxic. Poison Arrow frogs need a humid jungle environment in order to be happy.

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