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Win a Free Bearded Dragon Setup worth £700! [CLOSED]

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To celebrate the launch of our new ‘How to Set Up a Bearded Dragon Vivarium’ video this August, we’ve decided to give away a fantastic beardie setup. You get every product in the video, well not exactly, you get it new in the box!

This prize really does include everything you need to give a Bearded Dragon the ultimate reptile pad. We’ve left no stone unturned so you will be getting;

  • bearded dragonA 48″x24″x24″ Lois Hook Premier Vivarium.
  • A 48″x24″ Lois Hook Premier Cabinet.
  • A ceramic bulb.
  • A ceramic bulb holder.
  • A ceramic bulb guard.
  • 2 basking bulbs.
  • 2 basking bulb holders.
  • A 10% UVB tube.
  • A UVB tube starter unit.
  • A thermostat.
  • A thermometer.
  • Wood chip substrate.
  • A large java branch.
  • A food dish.
  • A water bowl.
  • A hiding cave.
  • Nutrobal calcium and vitamins.
  • Plastic plants.
  • Spiderlife substrate (for nesting box).
  • Vermiculite (for nesting box).
  • Delivered to your door.
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All you have to do to win this prize is enter you email address in the box situated in the top right of this screen. You only need to do this once to be entered into every month’s unique competition.

The closing date is the 31st of August and the winner will be notified shortly after. Unfortunately this competition is only open to UK residents.

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