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Now’s Your Chance to Review Northampton Reptile Centre

Edit: from 2014, customer reviews are now collected through Trustpilot

How do you know that a company can deliver the promises they make to you?

It’s difficult, and at some point in the past we’ve all been let down by companies, so naturally, we’re all weary when looking at trying somewhere new.

Luckily, in an era when it seems everybody has the internet, there are independent websites that hold reviews and customer feedback about businesses that you can read. You can take advantages of other people’s experiences before taking the plunge yourself. I use these websites all the time before buying online (or travelling to a shop) to get an idea of what they’re all about.

One of the most popular review websites is Review Centre. Northampton Reptile Centre – is also reviewed on Review Centre, so I invite you all to take a look (click here). Most reviews on there are positive about us, one or two are negative. But, without the negatives, you’re never going to know how to improve, so it’s all good!

Most of you reading this in the UK will have purchased from our website or visited our shop, so if you can find two spare minutes to leave a quick review that would be fantastic. You’d also be helping your fellow reptile keepers who maybe haven’t used us before.

If you haven’t visited our shop or used our website before, have a read and see what you think. They’re not edited reviews, just people’s honest opinions!

Many thanks!


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