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Komodo Product Recall

We have received important information from Komodo regarding a potential quality issue with some of their products which we have recently distributed. The following products are affected, and may need to have their convertor plugs replaced: Komodo Heat Mats (5w, 7w, 14w, 20w, 35w) Komodo Ceramic ES Lamp fixture Komodo Reflector Dome clamp lamp (14cm […]

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New Standing’s Day Gecko (phelsuma standingi)

I thought you guys might like to take a look at our new gecko. These are Standing’s Day Geckos (phelsuma standingi), originally from Madagascar these guys were bred locally to our shop. So naturally we wanted them here! Like all day geckos they are extremely fast and will vanish in the blink of an eye. […]

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How to move Tokay Geckos to a new vivarium

We all assume geckos are peaceful, family pets. But have you ever tried to handle tokay geckos? They are mean! These guys needed moving to their new vivarium recently. Usually folk will move tockays using thick gloves, but we prefer to coax them into boxes. It’s trickier, but we find it’s a gentler approach. To […]

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