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Grow Your Own Reptile Food! ProRep’s Edible Plants

The time has come to grow your own reptile food. In recent years it has become increasingly popular to include live plants in exotic pet enclosures. Every other gecko frog enclosure we sell seems to be a full bio-active kit and for good reason. It helps to keep humidity up, the plants oxygenate your tank and hard working […]

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Where Do Reptiles Come From?

Quiz: Where Are These Pet Reptiles Native To?

We have hundreds of species of reptiles available today and they make a great pet! Most are bred in captivity these days, but do you know where their wild cousins are from? Is your beardie Brazilian or Australian? Answer the 10 questions in this quiz and see how good your reptile geography is! [interaction id=”56bde2033c42ab681c775626″]

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