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How to turn your Reptile Hobby into a Business

When my husband and I started Northampton Reptile Centre 16 years ago, it was the biggest decision of our life. The reptile hobby was relatively small back then, the equipment used was nothing like it is today and many of stores displayed miserable looking pets that were, in all honesty, not very well cared for. […]

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Reptile videos you may have missed recently

I have been a bit slack recently in updating our YouTube channel, I’ll admit that, but there are still a few reptile videos that you may have missed recently. You don’t want to miss any reptile videos do you? I certainly don’t want you to, especially after going to all the effort of putting our […]

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Northampton Reptile Centre, now open on Sundays!

Well, we’ve done it. We’ve finally persuaded part of the reptile centre team to give up their hard earned Sundays off!  They’d much rather be playing with the snakes and lizards anyway! So, from this Sunday forward, our Northampton store will be open from 10:30am until 3pm. So come along and say hello! How to […]

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