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Arcadia Omni Gold

Arcadia EarthPro Omni Gold Consumer Review

This new product, Arcadia Omni Gold, is a gel based food, which is designed specifically for omnivores. It’s part of Arcadia’s growing Earthpro range. It contains the all essential elements required for their diet, specifically species such as Blue Tongue Skinks, Bearded Dragons, and even Chameleons. Instantly, people will make comparisons with a similar product already on […]

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Mannequin Challenge

Mannequin Challenge at Northampton Reptile Centre

The mannequin challenge is sweeping the nation! The Northampton Reptile Centre mannequin challenge takes you on a tour of our Northampton reptile shop, including behind the scenes and into some of our offices. This mannequin challenge also features the ladies working in Northampton Grooming Centre which is our dog grooming business that has just celebrated […]

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Black Friday Reptile Products Sale

Black Friday Reptile Centre Sale!

This is an event too good for reptile keepers not to share! On Friday 25th November, we’re holding our Black Friday Sale event, and this year, we’re going big! There will be products with massive reductions across all categories. The Northampton Reptile Centre Black Friday Online Sale is our biggest sale ever so save the […]

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Livefood delivery in cold weather

Receiving Livefood Deliveries During Cold Weather

During cold weather we make every effort to ensure that your livefood arrives as warm as possible. To do this we use different packing methods depending on the severity of the predicted weather. This may include the use of heat packs, insulation inside the outer cartons or automatic upgrade of delivery service. However, despite all […]

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The Arcadia Guide to Bio Activity and the Theory of Wild Recreation

Book Review: The Arcadia Guide to Bio-Activity and the Theory of Wild Recreation

About the author John Courtney-Smith, is the product manager for Arcadia’s reptile products. Arcadia are not only at the forefront of reptile & exotic pet UVB lighting but also much other equipment. There’s even an ‘Earthpro‘ range of supplementation and bug food. Not only is John well respected by myself. But also his peers. What to expect The […]

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Reptile Insurance

Reptile Insurance With 10% Off at ExoticDirect

Your reptile is your pride and joy, and should it become ill you’d want it to be treated quickly by a vet. Sadly, vet fees can be expensive, and can quickly escalate. This can mean cost dependent choices needing to be made. Reptile insurance can mean the difference between the treatment your pet needs, and what […]

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Grow Your Own Reptile Food! ProRep’s Edible Plants

The time has come to grow your own reptile food. In recent years it has become increasingly popular to include live plants in exotic pet enclosures. Every other gecko frog enclosure we sell seems to be a full bio-active kit and for good reason. It helps to keep humidity up, the plants oxygenate your tank and hard working […]

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Microclimate Evo Lite

New Microclimate Evo Lite Thermostats in 6 Colours!

The Microclimate Evo Lite is a single channel touch screen thermostat capable of controlling your environment using dimming or pulse temperature control. It is capable of controlling heaters up to 600w. Temperatures can be controlled with single, day and night or 4 (multi) settings every 24 hours. Evo Lite will provide user set visual alerts […]

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EarthPro Custodian Fuel

Arcadia Earthpro Custodian Fuel – Review.

Arcadia Custodian Fuel, is a plant-based, 9 ingredient, stick (pelleted) food, that has been designed for those tiny creatures like springtails, woodlice, beetles, millipedes and worms, also known as the ‘clean up crew‘. The little critters that keep our enclosures bioactive. The pellets contain spirulina, brewer’s yeast, mushroom powder, and a high level of calcium […]

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