Why are locusts a great reptile livefood?

For many pet owners and hobbyists locust are the number one choice for their reptiles. Being colorful and highly active locust make an enticing meal for may reptiles and amphibians. As they are widely available and relatively inexpensive they are a great basis for a live food diet. Here at the Northampton Reptile Centre they […]

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Pascal, my veiled (Yemen) chameleon

Getting an Awesome Pet Reptile – Chameleons!

I currently keep two chameleons at home, a veiled chameleon (Chamaeleo calyptratus) named Pascal and a panther chameleon (Furcifer pardalis) named Vai. Both housed separately in their own vivariums. The Veiled Chameleon originates from the Arabian Peninsula of Yemen and Saudi Arabia, (hence they are often also called Yemen chameleons). The panther chameleon originates from various parts […]

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Albino Wetsern Hognose Snake

What Makes a Hognose Snake the Perfect Pet for You?

Here at the Northampton Reptile Centre we love the hognose snakes. They only grow up to around 24” in length and have a great temperament. This animal is perfect for first time snake owners and seasoned veterans as its behaviour and mannerisms are both delightful and interesting. They are found in America, Mexico, South America and Madagascar. […]

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green tree skinks

Green Tree Skinks In-store! [VIDEO]

New Green Tree Skink Arrivals We’ve updated our animal list online and this week it includes green tree skinks! Before you take a look at all the reptiles, amphibians, spiders and scorpions we have. They’re awesome! I like them so much, I’ve made a small video for you. Let me know what you think! Updated Animal […]

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maxi header

NEW Vivexotic Repti-Home Maxi Vivariums In Stock Now!

What are the benefits of the new Vivexotic Repti-Home Maxi vivariums? The Repti-Home vivariums first launched back in June and due to their good value have proved to be a popular range. So, it looks like this value has been incorporated into vivariums that have additional height and depth than the original Repti-Home range. Here’s […]

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Vivexotic Repti-Home Vivariums Available to Buy Now!

How do you determine whether a product is ‘good value’? For me, it’s finding the right balance between high quality and low cost. I inspected the new Vivexotic Repti-Home vivariums last week, and I have to admit, they’re good value! They don’t have all the features of their premium cousins (the Vivexotic Viva range), but they’re […]

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egg bound chameleon

Babies Hatch After Egg Bound Chameleon Mother Dies

We’ve bred our own Yemen chameleons at Northampton Reptile Centre for many years, it’s routine, easy, there are never any problems. But sadly, 6 months ago, it didn’t go smoothly for one of our chameleon girls, Lucy. Lucy was digging in her nesting box getting ready to lay her eggs (she’s laid eggs before, she […]

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