New Standing’s Day Geckos (phelsuma standingi)

I thought you guys might like to take a look at our new geckos. These are Standing’s Day Geckos (phelsuma standingi), originally from Madagascar these guys were bred locally to our shop. So naturally we wanted them here! Like all day geckos they are extremely fast and will vanish in the blink of an eye. You [...]

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Northampton Reptile Centre Open Day: Date Announced!

Keep the 2nd September 2012 free in your diary as it’s the annual Northampton Reptile Centre open day! Due to last year’s popularity, we’ll be having Sam’s Species Reptile Rescue coming along with a selection of some of their residents. This will include giant tortoises, large Burmese pythons, big boa constrictors and massive monitor lizards. [...]

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Get automatic repeat orders of your livefoods PLUS special launch offer

It’s not always easy or convenient to go online each week to order your livefood. That’s what you’ve been telling us, and we have listened! After months of development we are happy to now show you our new Livefood Subscription Service. This clever system remembers when you need your reptile livefood, automatically bills you for [...]

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Who is this John F. Tayor that writes for us?

The Onus of Being ‘The Herp Father’ While this title is obviously tongue in cheek, there is some truth to it as well. I came upon the moniker of The Herp Father quite by accident really via the social network Twitter where I can still be found propounding from my self proclaimed soapbox about the virtues of [...]

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Looking for something to do this summer? Bring the kids to Northampton Reptile Centre

Summer is here and the schools are out! It’s not easy to entertain the kids for 6 weeks so we hope we can help you out. We’re offering you the opportunity to visit our centre with the kids (or if you are the kid, bring an adult!) and get handling all the great animals we [...]

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Breed Reptiles at Home? We need to talk to you!

If you take pride in breeding and raising quality captive bred reptiles, we need to talk to you. We breed a lot of reptiles here at Northampton Reptile Centre and have done for many years, but did you know we also source many of our reptiles from local breeders like yourself?  This has always worked [...]

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Viv o’ Nanza! Vivarium Sale Ending 16th March 2012!

Fancy a new vivarium? Are any of your reptiles in need of a housing upgrade? Maybe you’re in the mood to get some new reptiles and have been looking for the perfect new home for them? Well, the VIV ‘O’ NANZA reptile vivarium sale is in town! We’ve heavily discounted the entire range of Vivexotic vivariums on [...]

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WIN a Complete Reptile Setup of Your Choice!

Update – this competition has now ended. Click here to see our full range of Reptile Setups. Fancy a new reptile setup? For free? Of course you do! We’re giving away a complete reptile setup to one lucky customer of Northampton Reptile Centre, Realm of Reptiles or How to Enter Spend £10 or more [...]

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How to move Tokay Geckos to a new vivarium

We all assume geckos are peaceful, family pets. But have you ever tried to handle a tokay gecko? They are mean! These guys needed moving to their new vivarium recently. Usually folk will move tockays using thick gloves, but we prefer to coax them into boxes. It’s trickier, but we find it’s a gentler approach.

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