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A few of Cameron’s Carpet Python Morphs

As you may know, I love carpet pythons! Here are a few of my private collection at home! In this vivarium I have a bredl’s carpet, irian jaya, jaguar and an irian jaya x jaguar. I plan to grow these guys up to adults for future breeding projects. I hope you enjoyed the video, if […]

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Komodo Product Recall

We have received important information from Komodo regarding a potential quality issue with some of their products which we have recently distributed. The following products are affected, and may need to have their convertor plugs replaced: Komodo Heat Mats (5w, 7w, 14w, 20w, 35w) Komodo Ceramic ES Lamp fixture Komodo Reflector Dome clamp lamp (14cm […]

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New Standing’s Day Gecko (phelsuma standingi)

I thought you guys might like to take a look at our new gecko. These are Standing’s Day Geckos (phelsuma standingi), originally from Madagascar these guys were bred locally to our shop. So naturally we wanted them here! Like all day geckos they are extremely fast and will vanish in the blink of an eye. […]

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Open Day

Northampton Reptile Centre Open Day: Date Announced!

Keep the 2nd September 2012 free in your diary as it’s the annual Northampton Reptile Centre open day! Due to last year’s popularity, we’ll be having Sam’s Species Reptile Rescue coming along with a selection of some of their residents. This will include giant tortoises, large Burmese pythons, big boa constrictors and massive monitor lizards. […]

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