Silent Brown Crickets

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Medium Silent Brown Crickets 8-12mm Bag of 500
£ 5.30 inc VAT
RRP £8.43 inc VAT
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Medium Silent Brown Crickets 8-12mm Bag of 1000
£ 9.85 inc VAT
RRP £15.57 inc VAT
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Standard Silent Brown Crickets 12-18mm Bag of 500
£ 6.82 inc VAT
RRP £10.77 inc VAT
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Standard Silent Brown Crickets  12-18mm Bag of 1000
£ 12.12 inc VAT
RRP £19.15 inc VAT
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Large Silent Brown Crickets 15-20mm Bag of 500
£ 10.61 inc VAT
RRP £16.80 inc VAT
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Extra Large Silent Brown Crickets 20-30mm Bag of 500
£ 13.63 inc VAT
RRP £21.60 inc VAT
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Silent Brown Crickets as Reptile Livefood

Silent brown crickets are an excellent choice as a reptile livefood. They are nutritious enough to bed fed everyday but have a relatively low fat content meaning they can be the main component of any reptile or amphibian diet.
Northampton Reptile Centre sell various sizes of silent brown crickets, from micro silent brown crickets that are perfect for poison arrow frogs to extra large silent brown crickets that you could feed to large bearded dragons. Medium silent brown crickets and standard silent brown crickets are our most popular sizes as most species of lizard (bearded dragons, leopard geckos, crested geckos etc.) will eat these sizes at some point during their growth. Standard silent brown crickets are also relished by most adult tarantula species. There are also small silent brown crickets for your baby reptiles.

What do you do when you receive your silent brown crickets?

Release your crickets into a suitable housing. Any large plastic container is suitable providing it has adequate ventilation (crickets do not like humidity). If you do not have suitable housing, Northampton Reptile Centre sell a range of cricket keepers, including the Lucky Reptile Kricket Keeper.
Your silent brown crickets will require food and water. So have a shallow dish of Pro-Rep Bug Grub and Pro-Rep Bug Gel in their housing. This will keep your crickets fit, healthy, and a better diet for your reptiles.
Keep your crickets warm, dry and out of any direct sunlight, you may use a small heat mat if you wish. You have now done everything you need to provide your reptiles with the best insects possible, just dust them with a vitamin and mineral powder, like Nutrobal, before feeding.

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