Decorations for your reptile
to make them feel at home

Build a natural looking habitat for your reptile

Create a fantastic looking habitat to make your reptile feel secure

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Moss Boxes
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Natural Wood
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Reptile Hides
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Vines and Branches
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Vivarium Ornaments
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Does your pet need the home comforts?

Its essential to give your pet everything they need to make them feel right at home.


If you care about animals like we do remember:

  • We only provide items we have tested on our own animals
  • We can help you choose the right products for your species
  • You can call us on 0844 5571093 (4p per minute)


Artificial Hides

Make your lurking lizard or secretive snake feel really safe.

Artificial Vine Branches

Great if your pet prefers life in the tree tops.

Artificial Vivarium Furniture

Tunnels, climbs and pots make life in the viv more interesting.

Egg-laying/ Shedding Refuges

A little bit of privacy while your pet take care of essential business.

Floating Island Refuges

Give your wet pet a break from the water to bask.

Natural Backgrounds

More interesting than the back of a tank or viv and great for climbing on.

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