Exo Terra Light Unit Controller 2x30W

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Exo Terra Light Unit Controller 2x30W

Product Code: LHS230

Exo Terra Light Unit Controller 2x30W

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Exo Terra Light Unit Controller 2x30W

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Customer - Just as I expected very professional and prompt service.

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exo terra

If your reptile requires fluorescent lighting it is essential you have the right equipment to run it. This controller has been custom designed to run two tubes in reptile enclosures to make sure you have the control you need.

Perfect Your Pet?
  • You want to provide your reptile with two essential ultra violet tubes.
  • You want to see your pet and run two viewing light tubes in your vivarium.
  • You have two vivariums and want a light putting in each.
Not So Perfect For your Pet?
  • If your pet likes to be kept wet.
  • You mist your vivarium or use rain systems.
  • In these cases use an Arcadia Ultra Seal Controller.
  • If you need to feed lamp leads through small holes use the Arcadia Reptile Ultra Seal Controllers.



2x 30W

For Tubes

900mm / 36"
25mm (1")

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