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Bearded Dragon Care & Advice

Bearded Dragons are the most popular pet lizard kept in the UK. If you're interested in keeping Bearded Dragons, Northampton Reptile Centre will guide you through the process. Every step of the way. Our Bearded Dragon caresheet will give you all the information you need to get started. We've created two Bearded Dragon setups for you to choose from. Our standard Bearded Dragon setup and our extra special Bearded Dragon setup.

You can find Bearded Dragon equipment right here. We can show you the correct size Bearded Dragon vivarium and advise you what the correct Bearded Dragon lighting and Bearded Dragon heating are. Are you looking for Bearded Dragon food? We have Bearded Dragon livefood as well as dried Bearded Dragon food and even fresh Bearded Dragon vegetation. We've tried to give you as much Bearded Dragon information as possible on this website but also please feel free to contact us via email or by telephone on 01604 753823.

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