Komodo Radiant Heat Lamp 200W

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Komodo Radiant Heat Lamp 200W

Product Code: HKR523

Komodo Radiant Heat Lamp 200W

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Komodo Radiant Heat Lamp 200W

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Peter Sharpe - This product seems to have replaced the Komodo Ceramic Lamp Fixture with Bracket. Personally I did prefer the Komodo but they are basically the same. Please note that if you use these with a bulb guard... which you should, then bare in mind that with a bulb fitted it sticks out quite a long way, so you will need a ProRep Heater Guard Large Rectangular or simular. Highly recommended... Peter Sharpe

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Ceramic Heat Lamp

The Komodo Radiant Heat Ceramic Lamp is a long wave infrared emitter, that produces a natural heat source equivalent to the sun. The heat increases the air temperature of the habitat, warming the animal efficiently. The infrared heat waves penetrate the animal, promoting good blood circulation, maximising health and vitality.

Provides heat without visible light
Engineered to operate 24/7
Creates perfect basking spots
Increases ambient air-temperature
Used in desert or tropical environments


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