Large Calciworms 8-12mm - 1000 Pack

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Large Calciworms 8-12mm - 1000 Pack

Product Code: A383

Large Calciworms 8-12mm - 1000 Pack

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Large Calciworms 8-12mm - 1000 PackLarge Calciworms 8-12mm - 1000 PackLarge Calciworms 8-12mm - 1000 PackLarge Calciworms 8-12mm - 1000 PackLarge Calciworms 8-12mm - 1000 Pack

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Peter Robert Sharpe - These are a great food source for my Toads but they are particularly excellent for Lizards. Be warned though theyre not all Flightless and my living room has a little swarm (well slight exageration) flying around the place. Although, compared to the avarage blow fly they are a bit dim witted and are quite easy to swat!! With that in mind I cant imagine an insectivore without them on the menu!! Be sure to dust them with Vetark Nutrobal or something similar though to ensure full calcium and other nutrients get to you animal. Highly Recommended... PRS

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The UK's number one reptile foods delivered to your door.

Here at the Northampton Reptile Centre we understand that only the highest quality most nutritious calciworms are acceptable for use with your pets. That's why we have tried and tested multiple suppliers to bring you the most active and nutritious calciworms on the market.

Our calciworms are an excellent choice as reptile livefood. They are a nutritious and delicious addition to many reptile and amphibian's diets. These calciworms are sourced from ethically bred farms and have a completely organic diet from birth to delivery. Being full of calcium and less fatty than wax worms these calciworms are an excellent treat for use every week.

  • We guarantee freshness or your money back
  • They are farm bred in ethical conditions
  • They are pre-fed to ensure your reptile is getting a nutritious meal
  • Delivered straight to your door, first class delivery

We send these calciworms in a square plastic tub with air holes along each length and a securely fastened lid. There is a soil based substrate inside the packaging to ensure that the worms do not die from exposure or dehydration.

We are sure you will love our calciworms as they are ethically sourced, well fed on organic material and are delivered straight to your door. In fact we are so sure that these worms will arrive healthy and exceed your expectations that we offer full guarantee on all of our livefood deliveries.

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