Lees Shedding Stump

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Lees Shedding Stump

Product Code: DLS005

Lees Shedding Stump

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Lees Shedding Stump

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Peter Sharpe - These Zoo Med Repti Shelters are perfect for use as a moss box for shedding or egg laying Snakes or Lizards, just add a little damp Zoo Med Zealand Sphagnum Moss and it creates a cool moist hide to assist with difficult sheds. My Beauty Rats love them!! Highly Recommended... Peter Sharpe

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A natural looking log stump shape that provides an ideal hiding place for small lizards, snakes, frogs and arachnids. The perfect enclosure to aid in the skin-shedding process or as a small egg laying chamber when filled with Sphagnum Moss or a similar substrate. The corner design helps save space and blends with any style of terrarium decoration.


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