Lucky Reptile Bright Control PRO70w

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Lucky Reptile Bright Control PRO70w

Product Code: LLC170

Lucky Reptile Bright Control PRO70w

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Lucky Reptile Bright Control PRO70w

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Kelly Salway - Arrived next day, easy to install. good stuff.

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The Bright Control PRO is an electronic ballast designed for optimal use with the Bright Sun UV lamps.

An electronic ballast should be preferred over an electromagnetic ballast as it is more efficient and increases the lamp life. It ensures a smoother operation and increases the effectiveness of the lamp. The spectrum of metal halide lamps will stay fairly constant during its life cycle when using electronic ballasts. Metal halide lamps that are used with an electromagnetic ballasts normally show significant changes in their spectrum especially at their end of life. Only an electronic ballast like the Bright Control PRO can ensure the best light quality.

In addition the Bright Control PRO will automatically shut off broken or not igniting lamps for safety reasons.

For the Bright Sun UV lamp we recommend the use of the electronic Bright Control PRO over the conventional Bright Control gear box to ensure best possible operation. Apart from the technical advantages it is also much smaller.

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