Lucky Reptile Kovi-X 500ml

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Lucky Reptile Kovi-X 500ml

Product Code: VLD600

Lucky Reptile Kovi-X 500ml

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Lucky Reptile Kovi-X 500ml

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Lianne Abel - Removed water marks beautifully but its a bit more of a hassle than I expected, great product nonetheless.

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Kovi-X is an effective disinfectant with a wide application range. It is not only effective against the usual suspects like fungus, viruses and bacterias but also against cocidice-oocystes, worm eggs and other parasites. Especially cocidices and worms are a big problem for herp keepers and are difficult to be eliminated effectively. Kovi-X is excellent for use in addition to a veterinary treatment to remove the pests inside the terrarium and minimize the risk of re-infection. With a normal disinfectant there is no chance to remove cocidices from the terrarium and a re-infection more or less guaranteed. For Germany, veterinarians estimate the 85% of all bearded dragons are infected with cocidices!

Before using Kovi-X the animals have to removed from the terrarium. Attention! Kovi-X is fatal for invertebrates including spiders, scorpions and mites. Make sure that no residues are left when using in invertebrate terrariums.

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