Lucky Reptile Multi Box Stone small

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Lucky Reptile Multi Box Stone small

Product Code: DLC450

Lucky Reptile Multi Box Stone small

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Lucky Reptile Multi Box Stone small Lucky Reptile Multi Box Stone small

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Peter Sharpe - These Zoo Med Repti Shelters are perfect for use as a moss box for shedding or egg laying Snakes or Lizards, just add a little damp Zoo Med Zealand Sphagnum Moss and it creates a cool moist hide to assist with difficult sheds. My Beauty Rats love them!! Highly Recommended... Peter Sharpe

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The Multi Box is no normal hiding place but a specially constructed system. If you add Lucky Reptile Sphagnum Moss you can create a humid retreat which is readily accepted by the animals. Such a hiding place helps to prevent skin problems and promotes easy shedding of the animals. Excellent for Ball Pythons! In addition the Multi Box is an excellent egg laying place for lots of snakes and lizards. When designing this product, the characteristics of the natural egg laying places were considered which lead to a high acceptance of this product for egg laying and reduces the risk of the animals being eggbound. The cave consists of two pieces and has a special sliding system which allows for easy control of the interior. Available in Stone and Bark design.


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