Lucky Reptile Snake Bedding 20L

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Lucky Reptile Snake Bedding 20L

Product Code: SLS120

Lucky Reptile Snake Bedding 20L

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Lucky Reptile Snake Bedding 20L

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Alison Beaney - Bought these for my three tortoises excellent choice

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Lucky Reptile Snake Bedding is made of hemp which is adsorbent and acts odour-inbiting. The hemp is cultured biologically and without chemicals. It is compostable ensuring an environment friendly substrate from regenerative sources.
Snake Bedding is perfect for most snakes but also for tortoises and lizards from dry regions. As the substrate is light and fluffy, animals love it to burrow themselves inside it. Contrary to beech wood chafing the hemp pieces are harmless when accidentially ingested.

Like most substrates Snake Bedding is not suitable for use with floor heating.

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