Lucky Reptile Terra Bark large

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Lucky Reptile Terra Bark large

Product Code: DLC315

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Lucky Reptile Terra Bark large

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Lucky Reptile Terra Bark large

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Alan Bell
"bought one of these for my beardies ans within 2 weeks a large crack appeared it runs from one end to about half way down. Don't know if this is because I have it at the hot end of my viv or not but I would have thought it should be able to withstand heat as that's what it is made for."
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These natural looking resin bark pieces are excellent hiding pieces for all kinds of reptiles and amphibians

Perfect For Your Pet?
  • Your reptile likes to hide sometimes.
  • You have a nocturnal pet.
  • Your reptile likes to climb on top of things.
Perfect For You?
  • Looks natural in the vivarium.
  • Solid resin cast.
  • Easy to clean.


Suitable For..

Any and every reptile or amphibian that likes a bit of privacy.

Dimensions: 45cm x 25cm x 20cm

Average rating
Rated out of 5 based on 2 reviews.

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