Lucky Reptile Terra Fan Set

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Lucky Reptile Terra Fan Set

Product Code: CLT200

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Lucky Reptile Terra Fan Set

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Lucky Reptile Terra Fan Set

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Ricky Lewis
"Recently purchased one of these sets to provide a bit of ventilation for our vivarium. Very simple, just contains a power pack and two self regulating fans. Each one has it\'s own temp sensor that automatic adjusts the speed. They do make a sound but it\'s low and unintrusive. "
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This low voltage mini fan system has temperature controlled fans; depending on the temperature the fan speed will decrease or increase to allow for optimal conditions inside the terrarium. The base set consists of a transformer and two fans in order that one fan can be used to blow fresh air into the terrarium while the other pulls out the old air. This way an optimal circulation is ensured. The fans are excellent for animals that need high air circulation like chameleons.
One transformer can be used with up to 4 fans. Extension fans are available separately.

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