Lucky Reptile Thermo Control II

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Lucky Reptile Thermo Control II

Product Code: CLT005

Lucky Reptile Thermo Control II

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Lucky Reptile Thermo Control II

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The successor of the popular Thermo Control thermostats shows only with its price that it is an entry model. The Thermo Control II is a digital thermostat with a temperature range of 0-50oC. The permanent temperature displays also allows its use as thermometer. Heaters of up to 1000W can be connected through a coupling. A second coupling is controlled through an integrated timer. It can be used to set operating hours for lighting or ventilators. The external sensor can measure in water and air.
In addition the Thermo Control II has an alarm function which warns optically and acoustically if the measured temperature is too high or too low (value can be set).
Overall a device that should not be missing in any terrarium!


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