Lucky Reptile ThermoSocket + Reflector PRO

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Lucky Reptile ThermoSocket + Reflector PRO

Product Code: LLT055

Lucky Reptile ThermoSocket + Reflector PRO

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Lucky Reptile ThermoSocket + Reflector PRO

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Contrary to the simple Thermo Socket lampholder sets the Thermo Socket PRO is completely wired and ready for use. There are no electrical installations necessary.
Special mounting accessories and a connector allow the terrarium installation without the need to take the lampholder apart.

The Thermo Socket PRO is also excellent for use with the Lucky Reptile Bright Sun UV lamps as its connector is compatible to the Bright Control ballasts which can simply be attached between lampholder and wall socket. The power lead has a silicon insulation allowing the use of lamps up to 300W including the Osram Vitalux.
Of course the Thermo Socket PRO is also compatible to the Lucky Reptile Reflector Sets.
These high quality reflector lamps have an E27 porcelain lampholder, a high quality steel reflector, wire mesh protector and a silicon power lead.
The steel reflector focusses the light and acts as sight protection, preventing being blinded by the light. The wire mesh protector is placed on the bottom of the reflector and prevents that the animals can get in contact with the bulb.

The lamps are shipped ready for use. Mounting accessories for installation inside a terrarium are included but the lamp has to be taken apart for that. For a more convenient installation inside the vivarium versions with connector are available. These can be attached to a surface without having to be taken apart. In addition the connector plugs directly into the Bright Control ballasts. Plug and Play!


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