Lucky Reptile Turtle Island medium

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Lucky Reptile Turtle Island medium

Product Code: DLT210

Lucky Reptile Turtle Island medium

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Lucky Reptile Turtle Island medium

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Customer charlotte - A bit smaller than i though and it not very well made for heavy turtles but still good enough and i like it so dose the turtle

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Lucky Reptile Turtle Islands are floating islands for turtles. They are made of a robust foam material that looks like natural stone material. With the supplied suction cups they can be attached to the aquarium walls to prevent them from floating around and to ease the turtles exiting from the water. Lucky Reptile Turtle Islands offer a resting and basking place to the turtles, while below the island all space is available for diving. Also available are Corner Turtle Islands which have suction cups on two sides adding to a firm hold, making these islands suitable for large turtles.
Hint: Also use plastic plants, e.g. Lucky Reptile Natural Bush or Jungle Vine to decorate your turtle tank. These plants do not only look attractive but also offer additional resting and basking places to the turtles.


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