Lucky Reptile Waterfall Small

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Lucky Reptile Waterfall Small

Product Code: CLW001

Lucky Reptile Waterfall Small

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Lucky Reptile Waterfall Small

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Adam Davis - Good size and gives out a good flow of water which you can adjust aswell.

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The Lucky Reptile Waterfall is made of robust resin with stone appearance. It has a safe stand, a flat back and no openings through which animals could enter the interior of the waterfall.
The whole waterfall is a well thought off, practical system. The water reservoir which is accessible to the animals, is kept shallow for intent. The animals can drink out of the reservoir but will not defecate into it, because it is too shallow. Also no feeding insects can drown. Waterfalls with larger reservoir quickly can be full of germs and bacterias as reptiles defecate into the water and there is a high risk of drowning.
The front part of the waterfall is removable for servicing the pump. A compartment for adding a fogger (not included) is available.

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