Microclimate B2ME Pulse Thermostat Magic Eye

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Microclimate B2ME Pulse Thermostat Magic Eye

Product Code: CMA030

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Microclimate B2ME Pulse Thermostat Magic Eye

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Microclimate B2ME Pulse Thermostat Magic EyeMicroclimate B2ME Pulse Thermostat Magic Eye

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Phillip Brown - Great stat, great add on with the night remo drop feature.

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The B2 Magic Eye Thermostat allows precise control of any heat source up to 600w by using advanced microprocessor technology. The night time drop facility allows the unit to provide a different temperature during the hours of darkness, this provides a more natural environment for your pet. The light level can be adjusted to suit room lighting. The B2 Magic Eye is a pulse proportional thermostat that pulses the power supplied to the heat source, for an accurate change in temperature inside the vivarium.

A pulse thermostat is not suitable for light emitting heat sources as the power delivery to the heat source would cause the bulb to flash.

Recessed control adjusters are used to prevent accidental temperature changes if the unit were to be knocked which would be easily done if the dial protruded from the casing.

A yellow LED provides real time feedback as to how much power is being supplied to the heater. A red LED alerts the user that the thermostats light sensor has detected that it is night time and has switched to night operation. Long cable lengths ensure the unit can be fitted easily into most vivarium setups.

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