Microclimate Ministat 100w

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Microclimate Ministat 100w

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Microclimate Ministat 100w

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Microclimate Ministat 100wMicroclimate Ministat 100w

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Average rating (12) 5

Ross Drape - Takes a bit of trial and error to get a desired temperature but all thermostatsw will. Sunken dial means temperature wont be accidentally knocked, a great feature.

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The ministat series of thermostats are on/off style thermostats that give excellent value for money and reliability.

The ministat series have a tamper resistant dil which is unable to be knocked or changed accidentaly by a child which could casue terrible results.

Extremely easy to setup, simply connect your heater to the socket on the thermostat, position the sensor in the vivarium and set the temperature on the front of the thermostat.

12 reviews for this product.

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