Nekton Rep Colour 750g

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Nekton Rep Colour 750g

Product Code: VNR950

Nekton Rep Colour 750g

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Nekton Rep Colour 750g

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Miss Sarah Purdy - Fast delivery - well packed

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Develops deep colours and brings out faded ones

The same formula of important vitamins such as vitamin A and D3, essential amino acids and vital mineral elements for good health and condition plus the carotenoids Canthaxanthin and Apocarotinal.

NEKTON-REP-COLOR is also in a position to prevent many deficiencies and thus help avoid health disorders.

Canthaxanthin and Apocarotinal (apo-8-carotenoic acid ethyl ester) are carotenoids, an important group of natural reddish/yellow pigments widely distributed in plants, as in tomatoes, carrots or oranges. Many carotenoids are precursors of vitamin A, that is, they develop certain vitamin A qualities in the body. This means they have a beneficial physiological value as well as enhancing colours or reviving pale and faded colours to their former beauty.

The carotenoids in NEKTON-REP-COLOR have been produced synthetically but are nevertheless identical to those the animals would find in their diet in the wild and therefore safe.

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