Nekton Tonic-R Food Supplement 120g

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Nekton Tonic-R Food Supplement 120g

Product Code: FNT012

Nekton Tonic-R Food Supplement 120g

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Nekton Tonic-R Food Supplement 120g

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Craigus - Colin the crested gecko seems to enjoy this stuff

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NEKTON-TONIC-R contains:

CARBOHYDRATES to give the basal metabolism added energy and boost activity.

PROTEINS made out of the same vegetable matter the reptiles organism is used to in its natural surroundings. In addition, 18 pure amino acids have been added to increase the nutritive value of the tonic impressively.

ESSENTIAL FATTY ACIDS to help prevent illnesses due to deficiencies.

VITAMINS AND PROVITAMINS, which are vital organic substances that must be present in a reptiles diet if serious and irremediable illnesses are to be avoided.

MINERAL ELEMENTS Any tonic has to have a high content of macro and trace elements if it is to have a far-reaching effect.

However, the value of this first-class tonic does not lie alone in the presence of all these essential components, but above all in their balance.

Particularly valuable during times of stress, Effective aid to preventing vitamin and mineral deficiencies - Excellent support during illness and/or treatment

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