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Tortoise Tables

A selection of high quality wooden tortoise tables

A great alternative to vivariums for small species

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Vivexotic Viva Tortoise Table: Oak 900x450x215mm
£ 70.49 inc VAT
RRP £96.99 inc VAT
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Tortoise Table

Toroise tables are a great open top enclosure for many tortoises. They provide better ventilation that a vivarium at the cost of heat retention. Tortoise tables are particularly popular with mediterranean tortoise owners as they allow a full veiw of their tortoise and easy access to it whilst providing a large roaming area.

Our tortoise tables comprise of a large floor panel surrounded by 3 wooden walls 21cm high. The third wall is half wood and half glass allowing the tortoise an area to look out. On one side there is a small sheltered area for the tortoise to hide or sleep in.

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Finally, flat-packed furniture with good instructions! Toughed safety glass for reptile and owner safety. Cable access points in vivarium corners for tidy wiring. All timber sourced from recycled or sustainable forests

Recommended product combinations
Tortoise Table with stand: order 1 x table plus 1 x stand
Tortoise Table with extension: order 1 x table plus 1 x extension
Tortoise Table plus extension with stand: order 1 x table plus 1 x extension plus 2 x stand

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