Vetark Tamodine Wound Cleanser 100ml

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Vetark Tamodine Wound Cleanser 100ml

Product Code: VVD035

Vetark Tamodine Wound Cleanser 100ml

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Vetark Tamodine Wound Cleanser 100ml

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Peter Sharpe - I have a Northern Pine that has difficulties when shedding, especially around the eye caps, but since I started using this product she is not only shedding more easily but with the occassional spray between sheds she feels more silky and supple. I have now started using it on my other snakes when they start their sheds. This stuff really works and I can Higly Recommend it for any reptile that has difficult sheds... Peter Sharpe

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This has a wide spectrum of activity against bacteria, protozoa, yeasts, fungi and some viruses. It has all of the activity of free iodine but with much reduced irritant sensitising effects, and it does not stain.

Tamodine is suitable for cleaning mouth rot lesions in the mouths of reptiles. These are likely also to need antibiotic treatment from a Veterinary Surgeon and will also benefit from supplementation with ACE-HIGH (this is likely to be necessary as part of a tube feeding program). We suggest that you apply some Tamodine to wet cotton wool and use this to gently cleanse the surface of ulcers or wounds. Once clean, wipe off any excess, and release the animal.

POVIDONE-IODINE COMPOUNDS - Referred to by Holt 1981 (in Diseases of the Reptilia Volume 1. edited by J.E.Cooper and O.F.Jackson) as Probably the most consistently safe antiseptics/disinfectants of value are the povidone-iodine compounds...

We would advise against using TAMODINE on amphibia since they can absorb chemicals through the skin.

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