Vetark Zolcal-D 120ml

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Vetark Zolcal-D 120ml

Product Code: VVS035

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Vetark Zolcal-D 120ml

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Vetark Zolcal-D 120ml

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Callum Greig
"Great product! My bearded dragon hasn\'t been eating much lately after a course of antibiotics so powder calcium hasn\'t been an option. Very easy to administer, not too runny, I put a drop on my dragons nose and when he tastes it he will happily take the rest from syringe so must have a pleasant taste. You will need a small needless syringe if you want to administer directly."
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A state of the art veterinary formulated liquid calcium supplement with vitamin D3 and magnesium. Suitable for reptiles by either putting it in the drinking water or if necessary it can be given directly (this can be used in cases of special need such as nutritional hyperparathyroidism).

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