Vivariums for Reptiles

Reptile vivariums from Northampton Reptile Centre

Buying the Right Vivarium for Your Reptile

Choosing the right vivarium is an important decision when deciding on the best care and housing for your reptile. Northampton Reptile Centre will help you choose and buy the vivarium that is best suited to your reptile's needs.

From Bearded Dragons to Chameleons to Boa Constrictors, there is a vivarium available here. It's important to choose a vivarium that is going to last. We only sell quality vivariums that are designed to last for the life of your pet. Good quality wooden panels will ensure that heat is retained inside the vivarium, where it is needed.

By supplying flat-packed vivariums online we can guarantee an easy, fast delivery to your home. Another benefit of flat-packed vivariums is that you can install your electrical equipment inside the vivarium without having to drill any holes in the wood. This is because the wires can be run through the vivarium as it is being built.

All Vivexotic vivariums are manufactured in the UK to the highest standards and are designed to last. Quality is guanteed on all vivariums purchased from Northampton Reptile Centre.

vivexotic ventilation vivexotic easy assembly vivexotic toughened glass vivexotic cable access vivexotic fsc
Huge front flow ventilation rails on all Viva vivariums. Finally, flat-packed furniture with good instructions! Toughed safety glass for reptile and owner safety. Cable access points in vivarium corners for tidy wiring. All timber sourced from recycled or sustainable forests

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