Vivexotic Vivarium Feet. 2-pack

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Vivexotic Vivarium Feet. 2-pack

Product Code: TVV902

Average rating (6)
Vivexotic Vivarium Feet. 2-pack

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Vivexotic Vivarium Feet. 2-pack

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Average rating (6) 5

Steffan Thomas Goodall - Perfect! Raises the Vivexotic vivarium range to a great height without the introduction of a cabinet (and allows for stacking of the units!)

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Vivexotic Vivarium Feet

Adjustable silver feet for Vivexotic vivariums.

Perfect as a base for a stack of Repti-Home vivariums: see below!

Dimensions: W38 x D38 x H80mm

Pack of 2.

6 reviews for this product.

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