Zoo Med Zealand Sphagnum Moss 150g

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Zoo Med Zealand Sphagnum Moss 150g

Product Code: DZM050

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Zoo Med  Zealand Sphagnum Moss 150g

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Zoo Med  Zealand Sphagnum Moss 150g

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Peter Sharpe - This stuff is superb. It has so many uses. My Garters love it mixed in with their substrate. My Pines & Rat Snakes love it as a bedding... expecially when used damp in a hide where it aids shedding. And my Wall Lizards love it in their Moss Boxes. It is highly absorbant and would make an excellent egg laying medium. Peter Sharpe

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New Zealand Sphagnum Moss is preferred over any other type of moss for terrarium use due to its unique softness and amazing moisture-holding ability. This lush carpet-like moss can hold moisture up to 20 times its dry weight!

Great for live plants and incredibly long-lasting; after other substrates have decomposed, this moss remains usable and can be washed and reused several times.
Harvested using sustainable methods to ensure that it will be around for future generations!

Additional Information:
Holds more water and stays moist longer than any other type of moss!
Natural compounds in moss prevent it from decomposing in humid environments.
Excellent top substrate for Zoo Meds Naturalistic Terrariums.
For use with most species of frogs, toads, salamanders, newts and invertebrates including Hermit Crabs. Can also be used with small snakes including Green Snakes, Ribbon Snakes, Garter Snakes, etc.

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