Zoo Med Cannabis Large 56cm

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Zoo Med Cannabis Large 56cm

Product Code: PZB235

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Zoo Med Cannabis Large 56cm

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Zoo Med Cannabis Large 56cm Zoo Med Cannabis Large 56cm

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Peter Robert Sharpe
"I usually use Lucky Reptile fake plants and had never tried any other brands so as I am currently setting up a new arboreal hide I wanted to vary the plant fauna so thought Id try out this Zoo Med Cannabis bush. To be honest Im a little disappointed with it as the plant stems really do look fake, the leaves look quite pretty but are below actual scale so I was expecting larger leaves. I think when I have covered the back wall with other trailing plants it will blend in. On a positive it does actually look quite pretty when you stand back. However, I dont think I would buy it again. I think next time I will try Exo Terra Silk Plant Abutilon, as it has similar shaped leaves to Cannabis. Finally I would just say for the record that I am not a Pot Head ;-), I just like the shpe of the leaves, but if you are a Pot Head and would like to have that theme in your Vivarium then please dont let my review put you off, I gave if four stars, it is still a nice pretty plant, just not of the realism that I would have liked. Recommended... PRS"
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Create your own jungle! Your reptile will never know the difference. Natural Bush plants provide hiding and resting places for all types of reptiles and amphibians.

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