Zoo Med Gecko Food 70.9g

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Zoo Med Gecko Food 70.9g

Product Code: FZM010

Zoo Med Gecko Food 70.9g

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Zoo Med Gecko Food 70.9g

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Ash Lizard Lady - This product is excellent to use for gut-loading feeder insects, particularly locusts. Just mix up a bit of the powder with a bit of water and drip into some milk lids and put in with the locusts. Feeding the locusts salad can shorten their lives as unless kept at high temperatures, they eat but don't digest the salad, leaving it to rot inside them and they turn black and die. Repashy superveggie is an excellent alternative to grass as it also contains calcium and other essential nutrients.

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For all fruit/nectar feeding geckos including Day Geckos (Phelsuma sp.) and Crested Geckos (Rhacodactylus sp.). Enriched with vitamins.

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