Zoo Med Grassland Tortoise Food 1.7Kg

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Zoo Med Grassland Tortoise Food 1.7Kg

Product Code: FZT053

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Zoo Med Grassland Tortoise Food 1.7Kg

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Zoo Med Grassland Tortoise Food 1.7Kg

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Marie Helene Besse - Bought this for my 7 year old Herman tortoise as I was told it was better than the stuff you find in pet shops. She totally turned her nose up at it and walked away so not a good buy for me as Im left with a massive amount of pelleted grass that I cant use!! It wasnt available in smaller quantities and when I asked the pet shop where I bought it online, they said they had something better with a banana smell which tortoise like! A bit late! That one sells in kilos as well so Im not sure I want to risk it again!! The morale of the lesson: do not buy big quantities of stuff before you know theyre going to work!!

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At last, a natural long-stem fiber diet for Tortoises. Zoo Med is proud to announce the Natural Grassland Tortoise Food and the Natural Forest Tortoise Food. These new formulas contain long-stem fibers an important part of Tortoises natural diet. Only Zoo Meds new food contains this necessary fiber which is not found in any other commercial food. This new Natural food also contains nutritious Dandelion Greens, Yucca and other plants that tortoises love!

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