Zoo Med Mite Off 258ml

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Zoo Med Mite Off 258ml

Product Code: VZD050

Zoo Med Mite Off 258ml

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Zoo Med Mite Off 258ml

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Peter Sharpe - I have a Northern Pine that has difficulties when shedding, especially around the eye caps, but since I started using this product she is not only shedding more easily but with the occassional spray between sheds she feels more silky and supple. I have now started using it on my other snakes when they start their sheds. This stuff really works and I can Higly Recommend it for any reptile that has difficult sheds... Peter Sharpe

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Controls mites in captive reptile collections. Mite Off contains colloids; small electrically charged molecules that can penetrate and disrupt simple organisms like mites. Completely non-toxic and safe for the water supply and environment (no EPA listed pesticide ingredients).

Additional Information:
Mite Off has no effect on vertebrate species and other complex organisms including humans, reptiles, dogs, cats, and plants.

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