Zoo Med Repti Fresh Substrate 3.6Kg

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Zoo Med Repti Fresh Substrate 3.6Kg

Product Code: SZR008

Zoo Med Repti Fresh Substrate 3.6Kg

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Zoo Med Repti Fresh Substrate 3.6Kg

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Peter Robert Sharpe - Perfect Snake substrate!! Despite being quite fine grade it is not dusty (although it can get a bit messy when cleaning time comes). It is easily hoovered up, unlike the course woodchip substrates. For the snakes themselves it is very soft and easily forms burrows. When it comes to spot cleaning it is excellent as it forms nice clumps around the poo & wee and is very absorbent. I personally, having now tried a number of different snake substrates, wouldnt use anything else. Highly Recommended... PRS

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ReptiFresh is the first odor eliminating substrate for use in reptile terrariums.
ReptiFresh can be used with the following types of reptiles: Bearded dragons, Leopard Geckos, Uromastyx Lizards, desert species of skinks, geckos and Agamid Lizards, and Sand Boas.
Can also be used as a mix-in with Zoo Med ReptiSand, Vita-Sand or Excavator clay burrowing substrate to help reduce odors.
Stimulates natural digging and burrowing behavior.

Additional Information:
Easy to use and maintain. ReptiFresh can last up to 12 months before needing replacement.

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