Zoo Med Reptihabitat Turtle Kit 76x30x30cm

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Zoo Med Reptihabitat Turtle Kit 76x30x30cm

Product Code: KZR015

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Zoo Med Reptihabitat Turtle Kit 76x30x30cm

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Zoo Med Reptihabitat Turtle Kit 76x30x30cmZoo Med Reptihabitat Turtle Kit 76x30x30cm

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Louisa Marshall
"Very happy with this turtle kit. As a first time turtle owner (to be) I initially felt overwhelmed with everything that I needed to buy to provide a safe environment for a turtle. So when I found this Zoo Med kit I was very impressed. It includes the water treatment liquid to make tap water safe, uv strip light and a separate basking light, along with a dock for turtles to bask on. The filter provided seems good for now while the turtles are young. The tank/terrarium is a decent size especially at the moment as I have two baby Musk turtles which are very small. Because most of the equipment came with this kit I just bought the things for the inside of the tank like sand, plants, large rock and a piece of Mopani wood. The only thing that wasnt included that you might need is a water heater, I bought this separately. This kit appears to be pricey but you get so much with it. My personal opinion is that its worth the cost."
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Zoo Med's 20 Gallon Aquatic Turtle Starter Kit includes all the essentials for taking care of a variety of Aquatic Turtles.

  • 20 Gallon Terrarium (30" x 12" x 12") with sliding screen top.
  • High Range Reptile Thermometer
  • Turtle Clean 318 Submersible Filter
  • Turtle Dock (small)
  • Repti Tuff Splashproof Halogen Lamp (75 w)
  • Mini Deep Dome Lamp Fixtures.
  • ReptiSun 5.0 UVB Fluorescent Bulb (24")
  • ReptiSun Terrarium Hood (24")
  • Care of Water Turtles Booklet
  • ReptiSafe Water Conditioner (4.25 oz)
  • Aquatic Turtle Food (7.5 oz; Growth Formula)
  • Red Shrimp (0.5 oz)
  • Turtle Bone

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