Arcadia Earth Mix Substrate 10 Litres

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Arcadia Earth Mix Substrate 10 Litres

Product Code: Q-SAE010

Arcadia Earth Mix Substrate 10 Litres

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Arcadia Earth Mix Substrate 10 LitresArcadia Earth Mix Substrate 10 LitresArcadia Earth Mix Substrate 10 Litres

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Bioactive Vivarium & Terrarium Substrate

It is very fine and does not clump, organic, loaded with full spectrum minerals, Bio-active ready, contains warm manure and volcanic particulates to aid drainage and to supply essential minerals.

  • Forest and arid conditions
  • Supercharged with essential nutrients and minerals
  • Contains worm manure and volcanic lava to aid drainage and mineral content

Arcadia Reptile are delighted to announce the arrival of the Arcadia 'EarthMix' Bio-Active vivarium and terrarium substrate. This potent organic mix is made in the UK to the highest standards by experts and has been formulated for use with live animals.

The Arcadia 'EarthMix' contains full spectrum minerals and is pre-loaded with organic matter including Worm Manure to ensure fantastic plant growth and of course active support to bio-active custodians.

Arcadia EarthMix contains Volcanic particulates to ensure fantastic drainage and to aim with mineral provision for plants and live animals.

The Arcadia 'EarthMix' has been designed to be able to be used in all types of enclosure and can be easily used as a dry substrate for arid species. Bio-active systems for captive exotics not only help to sustain plant growth but they also help with maintaining humidity and represent a usable and ready source of safe nutrition.

Arcadia 'EarthMix' is a guaranteed potent and attractive natural and organic substrate, if you want results then the Arcadia 'EarthMix' is the only option.