Arcadia EarthPro BioRevitiliser 3.5kg

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Arcadia EarthPro BioRevitiliser 3.5kg

Product Code: VAE510

Arcadia EarthPro BioRevitiliser 3.5kg

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Arcadia EarthPro BioRevitiliser 3.5kgArcadia EarthPro BioRevitiliser 3.5kg

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Arcadia Reptile EarthPro Bio-Revitaliser is an easy to use and very potent Bio-Active system feed, it can be thought of as an organic fertiliser. This product is made from UK collected Worm castings (a potent source of full spectrum amino acids and minerals essential for plant growth) and Organic Volcanic rock (one of nature?s secrets of sustained plant growth through its full spectrum mineral content). This method will not only help to feed a mineral depleted system, ensuring explosive plant growth but it can be thought of as part of full spectrum nutrition in its own right. As captive animals continue to benefit from living in a system of Wild Re-Creation through Bio-Activity and as they live and feed they ingest small particles of their environment. This is a safe process if the external parameters are maintained to the wild level and IF natural substrates are used. Arcadia Reptile EarthMix and Bio-Revitaliser are not only safe to use but pose no risk of impaction when used as part of Arcadia's theory of Wild Re-Creation.

Simply dig in or sprinkle over your live substrate once a month to ensure that the substrate has all of the essential nutrients that your plants and animals need.

This product can be used with all brands of Bio-Active substrate and can be used for some species as a sole substrate.

Arcadia Reptile EarthPro Bio-Revitaliser can also be used to feed house plants and in the garden also to ensure sustained and accelerated grow rates.

Available in a 3.5kg re-sealing bucket.