Arcadia EarthPro Flower-Boost 40g

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Arcadia EarthPro Flower-Boost 40g

Product Code: VAE630

Arcadia EarthPro Flower-Boost 40g

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Arcadia EarthPro Flower-Boost 40g

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Feeding Herbivorous and omnivorous animals has always been a challenge. Many species have developed over vast periods of time to benefit from a great deal of dietary variance. For many of us we simply do not have access to a wide enough species of plants.

Adding to the huge success of EarthPro-DragonFuel and EarthPro-HerbiMix we are delighted to introduce into our range EarthPro-FlowerBoost.

This is a mix of 6 dried flower species and petals including Hibiscus, and the hard to find flowers like the 'cactus flower'. It also includes papaya fruit and the superfood 'Bee Pollen'.

EarthPro-FlowerBoost can be used as a standalone product, simply sprinkle it over the usual mix of plant foods at 10% of the daily volume. It can also be used to 'BOOST' the number of flower species in both 'EarthPro-DragonFuel and EarthPro-HerbiMix' making for a potent dietary addition.