Arcadia EarthPro Shed-Support 15 Tablets

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Arcadia EarthPro Shed-Support 15 Tablets

Product Code: VAE605

Arcadia EarthPro Shed-Support 15 Tablets

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Arcadia EarthPro Shed-Support 15 TabletsArcadia EarthPro Shed-Support 15 Tablets

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One of the issues surrounding the historic supplementing of captive reptiles and amphibians is that there has been no formal dosing method. This is one of the reasons that we formulated 'EarthPro-A' as being wholly natural and 'Non-Toxic' to be used at every feed to aid accurate Wild Re-Creation. Market feedback is showing almost miraculous results in terms of animal health, wellbeing, colouration and disease regression.

One worrying issue that effects thousands of animals is poor shedding. This is caused predominantly by poor hydration, inaccurate humidity and a chronic lack of B and E vitamins.

Using the bodies core biological mechanisms we are proud to launch 'EarthPro-ShedSupport' in May 2016.

This is the world's first capsulated and dosed vitamin and mineral powder for reptiles.

Using a mix of a full spectrum mineral clays, a double dose of B vitamins, carotenoids, plant extracts to allow the body to assimilate natural vitamin E and the superfood Bee pollen this product is to be used for 5 days from the first day of 'blue'.

We include formal dosing per animal size on the reverse of the pack. The capsules are standard human grade gelatine based. They are simply broken over the food and then recycled in food waste.

This represents a change in animal care. As always Arcadia Reptile seeks to be at the forefront of animal care products with an aim to see captives go on to truly 'thrive' through accurate and safe Wild Re-Creation.