Arcadia T5 12% 22" 24w UVB Tube With Controller & Reflector

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Arcadia T5 12% 22" 24w UVB Tube With Controller & Reflector

Product Code: LAD272|LAS370|LAR070

Arcadia T5 12% 22

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Arcadia T5 12% 22

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Arcadia Reptile product

A revolutionary new range of high performance T5 reptile lamps from Arcadia. Offering a significant increase in both visible light and UV output compared with T8 lamps of similar length.

D3+ Reptile T5 Lamp

  • For desert species
  • 12% UVB for the synthesis of vitamin D3
  • 30% UVA
  • Produces excellent natural colours
  • 100% more visible light than equivalent length D3+ T8 lamp
  • 95% more UVB than equivalent length T8 lamp
  • Typically 61microW/cm2 at 30cm (with no mesh/glass and without a reflector)

T5 Controller

A new electronic fluorescent lighting controller range from Arcadia incorporating a waterproof (IP67) plastic housing, with remote mains switch, ULTRA SEAL IP67 lamp leads and two types of mounting clips for flexibility of installation.

  • Long mains lead for easy mounting
  • Power switch on mains flex
  • Value engineered to deliver Arcadia performance at an extremely competitive price point
  • 2m Ultra Seal lamp leads

T5 Reflector

When a fluorescent tube is ignited, light is given off evenly in every direction, much of which is directed upwards into the lid of the aquarium.

If a reflector is mounted behind the tube, this stray light is not wasted, but redirected back to where it is required, the aquarium, so that the efficiency of the tube is maximised.

  • Reflector can be angled to direct the light into the aquarium or terrarium
  • Maximises the light in your tank
  • Made from a sturdy aluminium design
  • Size: Roughly 2ft in length