Arcadia Vivarium Canopy D3+ 39W T5 90cm

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Arcadia Vivarium Canopy D3+ 39W T5 90cm

Product Code: LAC015

Arcadia Vivarium Canopy D3+ 39W T5 90cm

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Arcadia Vivarium Canopy D3+ 39W T5 90cmArcadia Vivarium Canopy D3+ 39W T5 90cmArcadia Vivarium Canopy D3+ 39W T5 90cmArcadia Vivarium Canopy D3+ 39W T5 90cm

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A revolutionary new high performance T5 reptile lamp from Arcadia, that powers through mesh! This product offers a significant increase in both visible light and UV output compared with T8 lamps of similar length.

  • Supplied with Arcadia High Performance Lamps
  • Designed to attach above mesh
  • Provides optimal levels of UVA / UVB
  • Sturdy black aluminum housing
  • High performance aluminium reflector
  • Waterproof (IP67) so can be used in conjunction with misting and rain systems
  • On/off switch on flex

The Benefits of T5 and compact lamp Vivarium Canopy Luminaires

Reptiles use light and heat in an array of miraculous ways. They use UVA to help view the world and UVB to start something called the D3 Cycle. This is the process of a reptile being exposed to heat and natural sunlight after a period of rest. The UVB wavelength penetrates the skin and starts a chemical and hormonal chain of changes that ends up with the production and assimilation of vitamin D3. Vitamin D3 allows the absorption of calcium. Many reptiles are kept in great glass vivaria with metal mesh tops. Anything that is placed in front of a light source will inhibit the downward pathway of the light provided. In the case of UVB emitting reptile lamps this means less light and less UV. It has also been shown that the levels of transmission decrease as time goes by. This can be due to a build up of dust and or rust. It is important that these mesh tops are cleaned regularly to ensure as much light as possible can pass through the mesh.

Arcadia Reptile are proud to include a range of Metal vivarium canopies. Not only did we win best new reptile product of the year for this range but they have gone on to critical acclaim in homes all over the world. These full metal units utilise the very latest of High Output technology. UV decreases in power massively the further from the lamp the light has to travel, if a mesh is placed in front of these lamps the decrease is even more serious. Arcadia Reptile is THE home of the worlds best HO T5 lamps. By using these award winning lamps we ensure that enough visible light and UV is introduced into the living area.

Typically using the Arcadia Canopy will not only mean a brighter, easier to view enclosure, but better animal colours, feeding response and animals that are more willing to breed. These units are IP67/waterproof and are totally safe to be used with all commercial mister and fogging units. The sleek black design will look great in every household.