Terrarium Backgrounds

A range of backgrounds to suit and fit most enclosures

A great range of shapes, styles and sizes

Wooden, foam and resin backgrounds for reptiles

A great way to add character to the enclosure

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ProRep Terrascaping Texturing Compound 1Kg

Creating exciting naturalistic habitats with living plants has never been easier using the step by step products available from ProRep.

Simply create a basic structure with polystyrene, celcon block or expanding foam. Then create a natural looking surface by applying ProRep Terrascaping Texturing Compound, and model to look like rocks or wood.

Finally waterproof it with ProRep Terrascaping Sealing Resin (sold separately), coloured with your choice of ProRep Terrascaping Resin Colour Pigment (sold separately) . The resin can be left bare or have bark, coconut fibre or sand pressed into it to make a rough, naturalistic surface which allows moss and plants to grow up it.

This powdered modelling compound is used for the second stage. The power is mixed with water to make a paste and then spread over the basic structure to make a textured, realistic base ready for sealing.

  • Apply to homemade decorations
  • Creates a natural texture
  • Use before sealing resin or colour pigment
  • Helps to create unique decorations
  • 1kg tub
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We have a range of backgrounds in a number of styles, shapes and sizes. Though these are mainly designed for the back walls of glass terrariums the larger sheets can be cut down to fit vivariums. We stock a range of styles from natural woods and stones to create a naturalistic theme. These backgrounds also come in a range of shapes from flat plates to outcrops and some even include walkways.